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Interfaith Youth Council "Courageous Pluralism" Videos (2020-21)

2020-21 Videos produced with funding from the Interfaith Youth Council "Courageous Pluralism" project:

1) BYU students of other faiths: "What is one belief or practice from your own religious background that you wish BYU students knew about and appreciated more?" (3 1/2 min)

Courageous Pluralism #1.mp4

2) Latter-day Saint students: "What is a belief or practice from another religious tradition that has blessed your life or that you have appreciated?" (9 min)

Courageous Pluralism #2.mp4

3) BYU Students of other faiths: "What is one Latter-day Saint practice, attribute, or belief that you have learned or seen at BYU and have appreciated?" (3 1/2 min)

Courageous Pluralism #3.mp4

4) BYU Students of other faiths: "How has being a religious minority at BYU encouraged your spirituality and/or loyalty to your religious tradition?" (5 min)

Courageous Pluralism #4.mp4

5) Latter-day Saint students: "How has BYU helped you develop your appreciation for and ability to develop interfaith understanding?" (7 min)

Courageous Pluralism #5.mp4

6) Latter-day Saint students: "What do you see as the value of positive interfaith dialogue and understanding?" (7 1/2 min)

Courageous Pluralism #6.mp4

7) Latter-day Saint BYU students and BYU students from other faiths: "What have you seen BYU students do well with regards to interfaith appreciation? What have you seen them do poorly?" (15 min)