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2017 Community of Christ Dialogue

Daniel Stone Oct 2017.jpg

Another part of our dialogue has consisted of outreach to Restoration movements beyond Community of Christ. Daniel Stone is a historian in the Church of Jesus Christ (Bickertonites) which is the third-largest restoration movement. In October 2017 Daniel visited BYU campus and presented to the Religious Education faculty on his new book William Bickertonites: Forgotten Prophet.

Daniel also toured Temple Square including the Church History Museum and the Church History Library with Casey and Elizabeth Griffiths acting as representatives from BYU.

As part of his visit to campus in October 2017, Daniel Stone was also gracious enough to meet and hold a brown bag lunch with several students. Daniel answered questions about his research and his faith for over an hour with five students from a Foundations of the Restoration class.

Daniel Stone with Students - Oct 2017.JPG