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2018 Community of Christ Dialogue

March 2018

Tour of Jordan River Temple.JPG

We arranged for a special tour of the Jordan River temple, which was holding an open house after completing renovations. Our friends from Community of Christ toured through the temple, taking the opportunity to hold a special Q&A session inside the temple with representatives from the temple department.

CofC Panel Discussion.jpg

Our visitors from Community of Christ participated in a panel discussion with the faculty of Religious Education. Former Apostle Andrew Bolton, Jewell Bolton, Apostle Lachlan Mackay, Bishop Carla Long, and Graceland Seminary faculty member Matthew Frizzell spend over an hour answering questions and discussing their beliefs with our faculty.

Temple Q&A.JPG
Temple Q&A 2.jpg

Another part of the March 2018 dialogue was a special tour of the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City with Elder J. Devn Cornish of the Seventy who participated in the tour and accompanied us to the Church History Library.

CofC Church History Museum Tour.jpg

After touring the Church History Museum and Library, our guests from Community of Christ also attended a special performance of the Tabernacle Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square of the Messiah. It was wonderful to listen to this beautiful work of art and participate in singing the Hallelujah chorus with all members of the dialogue together.

CofC Tabernacle Choir.JPG